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Optical Master Unit (OMU II)

Manufacturer: Cobham Wireless Warranty: 12 month(s) Stock: Available The OMU II is used to convert signals from RF to light when fibre-fed repeaters are used at the remote end of the optical link. The OMU II is a headend system that can be connected directly to a base station or off-air device such as a digital repeater or bi-directional amplifier. In the downlink direction, the OMU picks up the signal from the BTS, converts it into an optical signal and transfers it over a fibre optical cable to the repeater. In the uplink direction, the OMU receives the signal from the remote repeater via the fibre optical cable, converts it to a RF signal and sends it back to the base station
Order: Optical Master Unit (OMU II)



  • Supports Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G services up to 2700MHz & public safety services FM/VHF/UHF/LMR on the same enclosure
  • Single enclosure to support high power (MBF-40) and low power (MBF-20) remote units
  • MIMO support
  • Web based remote management via wireless modem
  • Flexible configuration to support up to 8 sectors via single chassis
  • Simple integration to AEM or any other 3rd party NOC via SNMP traps




Frequency bands
68-500 MHz
380-2200 MHz
700-2700 MHz


Nominal RF input power

+10 dBm composite power

Absolute maximum RF input power

+23 dBm composite power

Number of optical modules

1-24 (depends low/high power config)

Laser class

Class 1

Maximum optical input power

+5 dBm

Output power (Tx) max

+7 dBm

Power requirements

230/115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, -48 VDC

Power consumption

Typical 50 W (fully equipped)

Local maintenance terminal

Ethernet, USB, RS232

RF ports

N-type Connector Female for 1-2 sectors. SMA connectors for 8 sectors

Optical ports



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